GPX 6000

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KWD 1928

GPX 6000 metal detector from Minelab, is a latest addition to its professional and trusted gold detectors

Depth 2 Meters
Industry USA
Warranty 3 Years
Company Minelab


GPX 6000 metal detector from Minelab, is a latest addition to its professional and trusted gold detectors


devices developed exclusively for gold prospecting of natural gold nuggets.




GPX 6000 introduced a new GeoSense-PI technology that enhance existing pulse induction


technologies to offer more sensitivity and more depth in detection of natural gold.


GPX 6000 is planned to be released in first quarter or summer of 2021 with promising new features


and enhanced performance.


Device Features

GeoSense-PI Technology

GeoSense-PI is a completely new technology introduced in GPX 6000,


it is a huge improvement on old pulse induction technology with better sensitivity,


depth and reach performance in gold prospecting to find smallest and hard to find gold nuggets.


GPX 6000 Uses

GPX 6000 is designed in the first place to find gold and natural gold,


as a result it can be used in following applications:


Natural gold prospecting in different soils and terrain.

Detection of small gold nuggets

Locate buried relics made of different metals.

Golden treasure detection such as golden coins and jewelry

Modern User-Friendly Design

GPX 6000 has been designed to be user-friendly to offer the prospectors


a comfortable using experience when searching for gold in various environments and terrain.


Thanks to its new shaft design made of carbon fiber that make it lighter to carry and use,


plus the device is easy to install and use.


On the other hand, the monochrome LCD with backlight display screen shows


all information to the user and can adjust different settings on screen via minimum


controls available in control panel beneath it.


Search Modes

GPX 6000 operate using two search modes based on ground type:


1 – Normal mode


2 – Difficult (Default) mode


Ground Balance

Ground balance options available in GPX 6000 includes:




Quick – Trak

Search Coils

GPX 6000 metal detector included in its package following coils:


1 – Waterproof Mono-loop coil with 11-inch size


2 – Waterproof Elliptical Mono-loop 17-inch size.


Both coils are waterproof or submersible up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet



GPX 6000 operate using a pair of rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries,


the batteries provide 8 hours of continuous operation.


Audio Output

The device provides two audio output options, either via built-in loud speaker or via provided Bluetooth headphones.

Parts & Content

الوحدة الرئيسية (صندوق النظام)

ذراعين من الفيبر كربون

مسند الذراع

ملف أحادي الحلقة مقاس 11 انش

ملف أحادي الحلقة بيضاوي الشكل مقاس 17 انش

سماعات بلوتوث

عدد 2 بطارية ليثيوم أيون

دليل المستخدم وأدلة البدء السريع

شهادة الضمان لمدة ثلاث سنوات

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