Gold detectors

Why Ger Detect for metal and gold detectors

Why Ger Detect for metal and gold detectors

metal and gold detectors, precious stones, underground water, and even treasure detectors are what you are looking for. Because of their performance and quality, you must have heard of Ger Detect for gold and metal detectors. Consequently, we offer a summary of the current Ger Detect for gold and metal detectors as well as the characteristics of each one.

The Top Ger Detect Devices for Gold and Metal Detectors are:

  •  Easy Way Smart: Ger Detect for metal and gold detectors
  •  Gold Hunter Smart: Ger Detect for metal and gold detectors.
  • Gold Seeker Detector: Ger Detect for metal and gold detectors


Easy Way Smart: Ger Detect for Metal and Gold detector

easy way smart 2 430x430 1

GER Detect for metal and gold detectors has completely upgraded this tool to help prospectors locate their target over a greater distance and in less time.

World-exclusive technology is the only one that combines two systems into a single device.

No sweat, spend significant time prospecting for gold, valuable metals, cemetery, caverns, and voids in the ground.

The smallest device that can be completely concealed and has radar sensing and 3D imaging capabilities.

Systems with long-range radar:

GER Identify gadgets for metal and gold detectors identifiers made the world’s most memorable gadget with a solitary handgrip radar sensor framework

With a radar structure described by examining radar waves that action the qualities of an objective, a hold is mighty.

In other words, it is a high-precision dual-frequency radar and a target signal transmitter and receiver.

A radar system that uses unique and sophisticated algorithms to locate small ground targets and consistently detects and measures them.

The front range of the long-range system can cover up to 2000 square meters, or 500 meters in each direction; additionally, it can go 18 meters below the surface.

System for Imaging in 3D:

The prospector can use this system to confirm the target’s existence and avoid making mistakes when using the long-range system.

Scan for the target that has been identified by the radar system using the 3D imaging system.

The following are some of the features of the EASY WAY SMART Ger Detects gold and metal detectors:

This system is supported by the following Android app, which supports multiple languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian).

For automatic calibration, the soil is used.

Feature for automatically scanning the ground.

It goes underground to a depth of 18 meters.

 Gold Hunter Smart: Ger Detect for Gold and Metal Detectors:

gold hunter 2

Several features on the Gold Hunter Smart device can be used to search the ground for gold, diamonds, precious metals, and other buried treasures.


– Excellent speed in pinpointing and capturing targets.

– The framework for rapidly and definitively deciding the objective’s profundity.

– The method for selecting a search continent.

-A touchscreen that works with the touch system and has many advantages and features:

-A digital thermometer with a screen that shows the current temperature.

– A digital watch.

-The possibility of reactivating the device’s sound.

-Super Antenna, which makes it possible for the device to cover a wide range of research areas.

-A radar search dish for improved signal enhancement and reception

Gold Seeker Detector: Ger Detect for Gold and Metal Detectors

The fastest, most user-friendly, most up-to-date, and most accurate method for finding gold and coins in the ground.

The Gold Seeker device uses two techniques to discriminate between precious and non-precious metals:

Ground induction, which can generate eddy current (transmitter and receiver), has been added to this device.

The device sends a signal to the Double D Coil search coil, producing an eddy (spiral current) signal.

This will make winding waves intensify to more than 1000 pules each second to help the gadget cover more noteworthy profundities and dissect the sign from the objective to decide whether the metal recognized is valuable or non-valuable.

This device’s ability to calibrate with the ground ensures that it is unaffected by signals from soil moisture, mineral rocks, land with mineral salts or solid ground, or any combination thereof.

Gold searcher works by Heartbeat Enlistment Framework.

The ground-based calibration system.

The device handle’s control panel has light indicators that do the following:

The red light indicates the presence of ferrous, non-precious metals.

The green light indicates the presence of nonferrous (precious) metals.

The tune button, which has a blue indicator on it, aims to expand the coil’s sense of depth.

The Gold searcher contains a two inquiry curls:

Enormous curl: specializes in metals of great size detection.

Little coil: specializes in metals of small size detection.

Uses BT 144 battery power.

Arrives at up to 3.5 meters somewhere down in the ground.

The gold seekers can get into ground layers at great depths that many other tools cannot.

It operates in the most challenging climates and on any terrain.

Not all rocks and soils affect the device.

The gadget’s weight with the pack and the full adornments is just 7.5 KG.

It is intended to be utilized in all nations and regions.

Two years from the date of purchase are covered by warranty.

One of the best German innovations is the Gold Seeker device, which has European c certification by international standards.


How is it possible that gold is undetectable?

Iron is one of the greatest substances to keep gold from a metal detector. metal and gold detectors may become overloaded by a substantial amount of iron. Underground iron pipes, earth minerals, and electrically conductive minerals can also obstruct metal detectors.

What kind of technology are metal detectors using?

An electromagnetic field is transmitted into the ground by a metal detector’s search coil to detect metal. The electromagnetic field will energize and emit the electromagnetic field of any metallic objects (targets).

Can metal detectors distinguish between different metals?

Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be found using a metal detector, albeit ferrous metals are more readily found thanks to their magnetic characteristics. Non-ferrous metal is made up of other elements including nickel, aluminum, and zinc while ferrous metal is composed of iron and is frequently magnetic.

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