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Equinox is a modern multi-purpose metal detector with new innovative technology and a lot of features making him a best companion for any treasure hunter.

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Equinox is a modern multi-purpose metal detector with new innovative technology and a lot of features making him a best companion for any prospector or treasure hunter.
The most innovative feature of Equinox, is its new Multi-IQ technology, which allows the use of more than four different search frequencies simultaneously. So, it is possible to search for underground metal targets using different frequencies at the same time, which gives the possibility of covering various targets of different sizes and types of metal.

This saves time and effort on the prospector and thus explores more targetsin less time and thus yields greater returns.

Equinox From Minelab is easy to use, thanks to ease of adjusting the various settings on the large screen which enable easy to read indicators for the user, as well as through the four search modes, which can be customized to suit all the terrain and natural conditions.

For gold prospecting, Equinox offer a unique gold mode to get best results in finding golden objects underground. Equinox redefines the multi-purpose metal detectors and uses for all prospectors and gold prospectors thanks to its ease of use, technology and high performance in all terrain.

Equinox Features

Multi-IQ Technology
One of the most exciting new features of Equinox is the Multi-IQ technology.
This technology, which is the first in a metal detection device, enables the simultaneous use of multiple search frequencies (including the following frequencies in the device 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 40 kHz).
This means that the device uses all these frequencies at once to simultaneously search for underground metal targets and this gives a wider and larger coverage of the various buried targets.


Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions:


Technical Specification Name Technical Specification Value
Search frequency  5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz and multi
technology  Multi-IQ and 5FX8
Type metal detector  Digital
service  Pushbuttons
Number of search modes  2x park, 2 x field, 2 x beach and 2 x gold mining modes
Search coil 28cm / 11 “double-D search coil
Weight metal detector  1.34 kg
Adjustable rod length  approx. 106-129cm, adjustable
Adjustability and shape of the linkage  Easily adjustable, with a round rod.
Control unit (electronics) watertight  Completely waterproof, up to 3 m under water
Headphone jack  Yes, 3mm jack connector, and it is also a waterproof connector for Minelab’s waterproof headphones.
Built-in wireless module  Yes, for the supplied Bluetooth headphones from Minelab.
target group  Beginners, advanced, gold prospecting and searching in the water
Type and number of batteries  Li-Ion battery, located in the handle
Battery life  10 to 12 hours
Readable battery level indicator  Yes, in 3 stages
Readable depth range  Yes, in 5 stages
Soil mineralization can be read on the display  No
Ground balance  Yes, manual, automatic and tracking
Sensitivity (sensitivity adjustment)  Yes, 1 to 25
Pinpoint function  Yes
Discrimination of unwanted objects  Yes
Notch filter  Yes
Notch volume  No
Object identification through audio tones (metal type recognition)  Yes, 1, 2, 5, or 50 tones
Object identification readable on the display (metal type recognition)  No
Conductance display (metal type detection)  Yes, from -9 to 40 (-9 to 0 is iron, and 1 to 40 is non-ferrous.)
Recovery speed (reaction time)  Very fast, adjustable in 8 levels
Volume control  Yes, 0 to 25
Display lighting  Yes, to 3 different brightnesses
Backlight push button  No
Search coil lighting  No
Vibration as a metal detector signal  No
Online software update  Yes
Frequency changer  Automatic interference suppression
Threshold (background tone)  Yes, 0 to 25
Operating software in different languages Everything with symbols (universal)
Depth range of small objects (1 Chf )  40 cm
Maximum depth range large objects  1.5 m
Suitable for use on the coast  Yes
Suitable for wading (completely underwater)  Yes
Suitable for diving  Yes, up to 3 meters
Suitable for mineralized soils  Yes
Suitable for wet salty soils (by the sea)  Yes
Suitable for finding gold nuggets (Africa, Australia)  Yes
  • Smart Coil D-Double 06 E
  • Smart Coil D-Double 11 E
  • D-Double 15 EQX Smart Coil
  • USB charging cable with magnetic connector
  • Bi-directional USB car charger
  • Universal four-way AC charger
  • Wireless audio unit 08 W
  • ML80 M Wireless Headphones
  • Waterproof EQUINOX headphones
  • Headphones (wired) 5.3 mm / 1/8 inch
  • Headphone adapter cable
  • Lithium batteries
  • User’s Manual
  • Warranty certificate for 3 years
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