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KWD 2296

INVENIO 3D imaging gold and treasures detector

Depth 6 Meters
Industry Turkey
Warranty 2 Years
Company Nokta


Invenio Metal Detector is the newest and all-new metal and gold detector


that will revolutionize the world of precious metal detection


and relics thanks to its new patented search technology.


The principle of this technology depends on a special search disk


that scans the area to be searched with a special tracking sensor


mounted on the disk arm in order to give the real shape of the


buried target for such as iron nail, box or coin …


In recent years, significant progress has been made in the field


of metal detector technology in terms of design and features.


but these features have not been able to meet the expectations


of treasure hunters and gold prospectors.


For example, gold prospectors want the device to include features


such as: Know the type of metal target discovered before digging


also need to  know the depth of real targets, and know the shape


of buried targets and dimensions accurately … etc.


Invenio metal detector From Nokta developed in response to these expectations after many years of tests and research.


so it provides a reliable and efficient system with the first intelligent system in the world to detect buried metals


then displaying a real shape of targets on screen as 3D graphics.




Invenio Metal Detector Features

Search Technology

The search coil, which is equipped with special electrical coils, transfers the power generated


by the battery in the main control unit, resulting in a large-scale electromagnetic field


to achieve greater search depth than traditional devices.


When an electromagnetic field collides with a buried metal object such as an old coin,


a metal statue or a large box, the field signal is echoed in the form of another inverted electromagnetic field,


which is received by a receiver coil within the search coil.


The data is digitally converted and the signal is processed within the main unit of the search coil unit


and after the digital processing The data is transmitted wirelessly to the display unit, which has a coloured display


where the data is processed and displayed as a three-dimensional diagram that displays the detailed information


about the targets in the scanned area , so that the location information and the exact shape drawing depend


on the tracking data The tracking unit integrated position IPTU and that transmits data wirelessly also to the screen unit.



IPTU Sensor Function

IPTU (Integrated Positional Tracking Unit)  includes integrated sensors to track the movement of the search coil


where the sensors record the coordinates of the coil and its height from the ground, which means recording


and tracking all movements of the coil (left – right or front to back ..) accurately represent these movements


directly on the unit that includes the screen visually , giving an accurate idea about coil movement within the search area.


This unit allows the prospector to determine the exact area of the search to be scanned by the search coil and the information recorded by it


, contributes in knowing the positions of the buried metallic objects as well as determining the length and width of the scan area


as well as the precise shape and distance of targets and the depth accurately.



Invenio Metal Detector Uses

With its unique imaging technology and the ability to detect all types of metals and even


underground spaces and cavity, so the Invenio metal detector is a versatile device that can


be used for a wide range of metal detection applications in the real life.



Here is a simple overview of some of the most important applications and uses of the device:


– Detecting gold and objects made of gold such as coins, old relics and ornaments such as rings and bracelets


– Prospecting for raw natural gold, which is found in shallow depths in the form of nuggets and small grains or veins in the ground.


– Detection of cavities and underground spaces such as tunnels, tombs, basements and so on.


– It can be used in municipal works such as detection of sewage pipes, telephone lines and water extensions (pipes)


– It can also be used to detect crimes and during police investigations by detecting weapons such as guns and pistols


Search Modes

The Invenio metal detector features a set of six metal search modes suitable for various applications and tasks.


However thhe search modes are divided into dynamic search modes (which require to move the search coil)


.as well as static search modes (no search coil movement required).




The following is a review of all search modes according to the previous two categories:


1 – Dynamic Search Modes

For this search mode, the search coil must be moved with a scrolling motion above the search area


in order to capture the buried metal targets.


In the case of walking the coil without moving it,


no sound or response will occur even if the coil is directly above the target.


Uses: It is preferable to use dynamic search modes to search for relatively small metal targets


such as small coins of gold or silver, rings and small ornaments, at small depths.


Invenio Metal Detector has three dynamic search modes:


1 – All Metal


2 – Fast


3 – Deep


2 – Static Search Modes

Here, in this search mode, there is no need to move the search disk to capture buried metal targets.


The user can walk the coil without moving it, but the disc discovers any metal object underneath.


The closer the coil is to the target, the higher the sound response.


Uses: These search modes are recommended for detection of relatively large metal targets,


such as huge metal statues, spaces and underground tunnels, and also it gives greater depth


in comparison with dynamic search modes.


Invenio has three dynamic search modes:


1- Basic mode


2 – Expert


3 – Ground Anomaly & Cavity


Metal Discrimination Features

When using one of the previous search modes and after performing the scan procedure,


the device displays the results on the screen unit and shows on the 3D graphics representation


the type of metal based on its color.


and thus, the user can know the metal type according to the color, so if the color is yellow


or gradients of yellow for example it may be a precious metal, such as gold or non-precious metal if its color of red gradients.


Wireless connection between different units

Communications and data transfers between the system box of the Invenio device (the main unit with the display screen)


and the coil unit (coil and shafts and IPTU) done wirelessly via Wi-Fi technology.


In addition, users who do not prefer wired headsets can purchase optional 2.4 GHz wireless headphones


to hear metal targets signals when detected.


Vibration Feature

Invenio features a vibration feature. when activated, the device will vibrate when a metallic target detected.


It is an essential feature for hearing for impaired users when searching in high noise areas where there are many noise sounds.


Save Scan Data

The user can save all three-dimensional graphics and screen shots from the ground scanning


then transfer it to his computer for better preview and more detailed analysis.


Device Software Update Feature

The device software updates available to download from the manufacturer’s website


so the device software updated by connecting the USB cable attached to the device and downloading updates to the device.


Front LED and back light of the screen

The Invenio has a front LED lamp to search in the dark,


and the screen has a back light to see the results of the scan even in the dark.


Parts & Content

1. صندوق النظام (وحدة التحكم)

2. الذراع مع المقبض

3. حساس IPTU

4. قرص البحث INV40

5. قرص البحث INV28

6. حقيبة حمل لصندوق النظام

7. سماعات

8. شاحن للجهاز

9. شاحن للسيارة

10. كابل USB يستخدم لنقل البيانات وتحديث برنامج الجهاز

11. حقيبة الحساس IPTU

12. اغطية واقية

13. براغي وصواميل الاقراص

14. حزام

15. حقيبة لحمل جميع مكونات الجهاز

16. دليل الاستخدام وشهادة الضمان لمدة عامين

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