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KWD 2602


A Multi-System Device for Detecting Underground Water and Artesian Wells

Depth 1500 Meters
Industry German
Company GER
Warranty 5 Years



A Multi-System Device for Detecting Underground Water and Artesian Wells


RIVER G 3 systems underground water exploration techniques with 3 integrated systems’

RIVER G 3 systems is the best water detector, which a totally new device and one of its kind worldwide River G, which is characterized by three systems for the detection of groundwater, artesian wells and borewells underground.

3D imaging system, Geophysical search system and Long-range system.

RIVER G 3 systems deep underground water detector; it reaches a depth of 1500 meters in the ground and up to 3000 square meters of front range with the ability to identify the water depth underground.

We congratulate you, farmers, agricultural land investors, researchers, explorers and major water exploration companies for issuing the totally new device and one of a kind worldwide, and working with three underground water exploration systems.

The device reaches a depth of 1500 meters in the ground and up to 3000 square meters of front range.

Very accurate and high possibility of determining the type of water whether it is (fresh – salty – very salty).

One of the unique features is the possibility of choosing the continent and the country to be searched for underground water.

The ability to work all over the world and different terrain with the possibility of searching in six different types of soil (rocky – natural – mixed – mineralized – clay- sandy) and show the percentage of rocks within the scanning area in the ground.

RIVER G 3D water detector scanner; A high-quality three-dimensional image of the location of water and rocks in the water search area.

Also, with the possibility of determining the depth of underground water.

RIVER G, with advanced technology to detect and identify water sources underground.




RIVER G 3D ground scanner for water detector is provided with a 3D imaging system to allow the prospector to see more accurate details of the presence of underground water layers as a three-dimensional image as well as to show the water analysis results.

Type of water: with a sign indicating the best place to dig, which contains the largest amount of water.

The depth of water detected measured by meters.

A pie chart showing the ratio of: density, rocks, and salinity.


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The Geophysical System in River G device is one of the best and most powerful systems to find the water and display fast and accurate results.

This system provides the prospector with all the data he needs about water underground with many unique features.

Determination of the water underground depth as well as precise details of water density, salinity and type: whether it is (fresh – salty – very salty).


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RIVER G underground water detector with high probing density for large area prospecting

This high-accurate system can determine water location within vast areas.

The long-range system device has several features:

High resolution color display with touch option.

-It works with touch and keypad.

-It provides six different languages: (German – English – French – Spanish – Italian – Arabic).

– A digital compass to determine the search direction.

– Determine the type of soil according to the nature of the place to be searched (rocky – natural – mixed – mineralized – clay- sandy).

-When capturing the target, the user can head straightforward to the target until he stands up on its exact surface.

-confined to an area of 1 square meter, the user is able to determine the front range of the device starting (from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 or 2500 and 3000 meters) and a depth of 1500 meters under the ground.

When the device is running, you can choose one of the languages, determine the front range and the depth.

When capturing the target, the device will head to the detected target, the user can walk up to reach the target and completely confined in an area of 1 square meter.


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River – G device is one of the best German devices with the European CE certification according to international specifications in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate.


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حقيبة الجهاز الوحدة الرئيسية للنظام بعيد المدى الوحدة الرئيسية للنظام الجيوفيزيائي مقبض الجهاز الاستشعاري الحساس المرسل للإشارة مستقبل اشارة هوائيات مرسلة للإشارة كابل توصيل المجس الاستشعاري كابل ناقل البيانات بطارية النظام الجيوفيزيائي شاحن البطارية الهوائي المرسل للإشارة مجس خاص بالنظام بعيد المدى مجسات أرضية بطارية النظام الاستشعاري شاحن بطارية خاص بالسيارة أسلاك نقل الإشارة تابليت النظام التصويري دليل الاستخدام شهادة الضمان

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